Our club has adopted the yellow ‘Give me Space’ policy.

New rules for this policy now apply. What does this mean for you?

Any handler that has a dog that exhibits anxiety, fear, excessive lunging or aggression will be required to wear a ‘Give me Space’ high visibility fluoro shirt. Shirts of various sizes are available from the club house and can be collected and used each training session. Alternatively, you may bring your own fluoro vest, shirt and we can stencil on the ‘give me space’ letters onto your shirt for you.

Handlers may request to wear a shirt, or at the discretion of the Instructor/committee, handlers may be requested to wear the shirts. Those handlers that are requested to wear shirts must do so or they will not be able to join the class. This is for the safety and benefit of the dog needing the space and all other dogs in the vicinity.

How much space do they need?

Judge the distance of the lead you have on your dog.  Do the same for the lead of the handler with the yellow shirt.  Add a metre to that calculation and that is the minimum space they need.   We estimate that four/five metres is best.  

Giving the dog space will allow it to settle and feel more secure. Regardless of whether the dog is nervous, anxious or aggressive, having other dogs come too close will cause an adverse reaction.

Giving space allows the dog and handler an opportunity to learn to relax, shifting focus from the dogs around them to the more pleasurable training exercises.

Anyone who refuses to wear a fluoro shirt to class will not be permitted to train.

The committee have not made this decision without great consideration.  We have some dogs that may be quite aggressive towards certain breeds and another dog that is sedated and undergoing behavioural conditioning because their anxieties are so bad.  The dog has been attacked and will need lots of support from other members to give some space and help the dog realise that not all other dogs are a threat.

Whilst we understand that no-one would deliberately place pressure on another dog by invading their space, there will be zero tolerance for anyone who repeatedly ignores the fluoro shirts or the request of a handler to ‘give me space’. Those offending handlers will be asked to leave the class.

It is your responsibility to be aware of your own dog’s behaviour and aware of your surroundings at all times whilst at training.

The committee want to stress the importance of giving space.  For whatever reason, the obedience club is deemed a safe zone for our dogs and we will endeavour to maintain that for the safety and comfort of all handlers and dogs.

Your consideration in this matter is appreciated.



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